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National Do Not E-Mail Registry

This is the web site for the proposed national Do Not E-Mail Registry

The purpose of this proposed Do Not E-Mail Registry is to stop unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) being sent to you.

After you register your e-mail address the Registry will work in the same way the National Do Not Call Registry works; marketers cannot send e-mail to your e-mail address if it is in the National Do Not E-Mail Registry. When you register your e-mail address it will be effective for five years and while your e-mail address is in the National Do Not E-Mail Registry marketers must stop sending you unsolicited e-mail and you can file a complaint. When a complaint is received, the sender of the unsolicited e-mail will be warned. Upon the second complaint, the sender will face the possibility of the website or business referenced in the offending e-mail, being blackballed. The blackball list may be used by major search engines to remove the website or business from their search indexes and thereby greatly reduce the traffic to the business or website.

While this web page is under development, please e-mail questions, suggestions and comments to Webmaster

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