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Editing, Analysis and Critiquing. Two cents per word.

Have you written a novel or a story? Would you like to have a professional critique,
along with line editing and analysis of plot, characterization and point-of-view?

We would be happy to perform all these tasks for two cents per word.

Contact Charley at

for additional details.

Proofreading is an essential step in the writing process.
You can either do it yourself, have a friend assist you or hire a professional proofreading service.
Each option has its pluses and minuses, of course and much depends on your time and budget.
See: or for more information.

We provide all kinds of certification exams including 70-576 vce and 70-685 pdf. Our guaranteed mcts 70-562 and 70-562 vce are freely accessible all around the world of exam 70-513.

In addition to line editing suggestions, these thirteen essential elements are included in the analysis:

Bullet Plot Development
Bullet Style and Voice
Bullet Scene and Setting
Bullet Characterization
Bullet Conflict and Tension
Bullet Point-of-view
Bullet Dialogue
Bullet Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
Bullet Telling vs Showing
Bullet Passive vs Active
Bullet Use of Clichés
Bullet Foreshadowing
Bullet World-building

Here is a short, but very helpful description of what a book editor does to a manuscript.

This article is written by an editor who knows her business.
If you're not using an editor for your book, you may be making a big mistake. It would be worth it to even look at getting a business cash advance in order to hire one.

An editor’s job can be large or small. You might simply want a pro to check your punctuation, or maybe you need someone to look over larger plot elements, like plot development. Editors generally correct a manuscript based first on the writer’s goals, then on the shape or condition of the writing itself. An edit often includes the following: errors in syntax (spelling, punctuation & grammar—a line edit or a proofread, character development, plot structure and clarity, in addition to keeping an eye out for clichéd phrases, over-used words and the overall organization of the story.

When self-publishing a book, it is the author’s responsibility to make sure the text is error-free. Most print on demand publishers will edit your book for a steep fee but do not require that manuscripts be edited before being printed. Therefore it is possible for a book to be published—with an author’s name in big, proud letters—and tainted with grammatical errors, misspellings, mistakes in punctuation or poorly-organized material. (Traditional publishers have in-house editors who edit according to the house style, which is varied.)

If you get signed on by a major publishing house, your editor works for the publisher. If you hire an editor before submitting or self-publishing your book, your editor works for you.

Get your money's worth. Do you know what you want? More importantly—do you know what you need? (Kind of like life, huh?)

Story credit: Write and publish your book

We provide all kinds of certification exams including 70-576 vce and 70-685 pdf. Our guaranteed mcts 70-562 and 70-562 vce are freely accessible all around the world of exam 70-513.

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